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Not every owner/investor is the same. We offer different models on how to partner with us.

STEP 1: Choose your model 


  • We manage the property for you, with our full-service, concierge style business model. This includes all of the previously mentioned services. (see
  • We collect all payments, deduct all monthly expenses (management fee, repairs, supplies) and send the remaining revenue to you. 
  • You are financially responsible for your mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, furnishings, and other maintenance/upgrades to the home. 

This partnership is best for owners who want to maximize revenue with their home and are more risk-averse.

Rental Arbitrage

  • Lease your property with peace of mind. We will sign a long-term contract as your tenant with an amendment in the lease to rent the property as a short-term rental.  
  • Homes are expected to be perfect for every guest, so keep it that way. Owners love this! We send you above-market rent every month, pay utilities and pay for any maintenance issues caused by a guest. 
  • You are financially responsible for your mortgage and general maintenance issues not caused from guests (electrical, HVAC, roof, plumbing)

Arbitrage rentals are the best partnership for owners who don’t want to deal with the ups and downs of the market and want a fantastic tenant that they don’t interact with.

How it works

Step 2: Property Onboarding

You have selected how you would like to partner with us, and you submitted and received your Property Analysis Report. We will schedule a time for our team to visit your property. Whether the home is furnished or empty, we recommend design, security, and inventory features in our Five Star Furnished Starter Kit. This includes a furnishings and supplies list and other must-know information to launch a successful short-term rental. \We can guide you through the design process or provide an interior designer, whichever you decide we can help. We will have you sign the flexible contract that holds us accountable for producing results! 

After the property is fully furnished and beautifully decorated, we will schedule a professional photographer to capture all of the home's incredible features.

Step 3: Property Listing

Our team will create and optimize the listing to ensure your listing stands out and shows up first! We want to make lookers into bookers! We create your listing in our Property Management Software (PMS), which is then posted in the most popular booking sites (Airbnb/VRBO) and our direct booking page. We then integrate it into all of our technology software. These features include:

  • Merged calendars for no double bookings
  • Automatic rental agreements & deposits for extra security
  • Dynamic Pricing Tools
  • Cleaning Management System
  • Communication/Messaging System

Step 4: Keeping You Informed

Although we are confident that we will produce better results and a better experience than you can imagine, we also believe in keeping our investors/owners up-to-date on their homes. We have an Owners Portal where you can see revenue, calendars, analytics, and reviews of your property. We also send a revenue report at the end of each month (15th of the following month) to be approved before we send your monthly revenue deposit.

Full-Service Management

  • Property Maintenance: We provide routine interior and exterior site visits with our staff of site visit managers, professional cleaners, and technicians, provide guests access to our 24/7/365 on-call emergency maintenance services, and coordinate maintenance and property repairs. We can facilitate yard maintenance, pest control, routine appliance maintenance (HVAC filters, etc.), and other services relevant to the home. 
  • Guest Communications: We handle all communication with guest residents from inquiry to confirmation, check-in to check-out, lease enforcement actions, legal issues, and de-escalating any outstanding issues that may arise before, during, or after their stay. 
  • Financial Peace of Mind: We have created a full-service model so our owners/investors can sit back, relax and collect payments. We collect all guest payments, security deposits, address damages & disputes.

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