Rules and Regulations

Austin and surrounding areas that require Short term Rental registration or permits


  • Permit Cost - $733.80 I Application Form 
  • Permit Types 
  • Type 1 - Owner-occupied residences. where the owner has a homestead exemption on the subject property. 
  • Type 2 - Non-owner occupied property that is either a single family home or a duplex
  • No permits of this type are being issue at the moment 
  • Type 3 - Either Owner-Occupied or Not Owner-Occupied, in a multifamily use building ( ie condos, or apartments)
  • STR permits are still being issued for Type 3
  • Residentially Zoned - 3% of total units in a condo building. 
  • Commercially Zoned - 25% of total units  
  • Be sure to check if the HOA allows STR 

Lago Vista 

  • Permit Cost - $50 fee  I Application Form
  • You can apply for an STR permit if the property is located in any of the following zoning districts: R-1, R-O, RR-A, R-2.  Determine your property zoning with this map
  • Further details are found in Section 23 of the Municode for Lago Vista

Marble Falls 

  • Permit Cost - $175 renewed annually I Application Form 
  • The city of Marble Falls requires all short term rental operators to obtain a permit from the city in order to operate as a vacation rental. 
  • Register your short term rental and learn more about the complete application  requirements here


Canyon Lake 

  • Permit Cost - Free  I Permit Application 
  • To determine if your property is in the WORD jurisdiction visit this map. 
  • The city office is very helpful, you can reach them at(830) 907-2300  and make sure a certain address is allowed to operate as a short term rental. 

San Antonio 

  • Permit Cost - $100 (valid for three years)  I Permit Application 
  • San Anotonio has two types of Airbnb permits, Type 1 and 2 issued by the Development Services Department (DSD).
  • Type 1 - where the property is a primary residence and the owner or operator resides on it and do not have any density limitations.
  • Type 2 - where neither the owner nor the operator occupies the property and faces density limitations. 
  • Type 2 STRs can make up only up to 12.5% of the properties on a block face. 
  • For multifamily buildings, up to 12.5% of the total number of units can be operated as Type 2 STRs.
  • More information on the permit registration process can be found in this FAQ and the office can be reached with questions at  (210) 207-1111.

Non Restricted Cities / Areas 

All the cities areas listed below do not have city enforced regulations. On the other hand be sure to check with the homeowners association
(HOA)  if there is one and the property deed for any possible short term rental restrictions. 

  • Round Rock 
  • Cedar Park 
  • Bee Cave 
  • Pflugerville 
  • Georgetown 
  • Dripping Springs
  • Driftwood 
  • Horseshoe Bay 

Hotel Occupancy Tax 

One important thing to be aware of is the hotel occupancy tax (HOT) rates by city. Some cities that do not require a permit might still require you to pay HOT tax. 

Here is a list of all the HOT tax broken down by city.